Characters Who Make an Appearance

Some of the characters don't get to make an appearance in the comic, since I only got up to thirty pages. But these are the ones who do.


Wren LaTon


Our hapless protagonist. The Ucides are tough employers to work for, but she keeps her head up and her spirits high! She's also very sweaty.

Character-wise, Wren hasn't changed much since I wrote the comic. Her name is now Nari and she's less sweaty.


Loke Ucide


Loshadka-Kachalka, the second-oldest Ucide. A half-elf half-vampire CEO, and the friendliest of the Ucides. Which doesn't say much.

Loke also hasn't changed all that much. I leaned more into the CEO thing with their reboot.


Castel Ucide


The oldest Ucide, and the only full vampire. Castel is expressionless and unpersonable, although he at least tries to help Wren out.

In the reboot, instead of being all deadpan, Castel is snippy and passive aggressive.


Silver Ucide

any pronouns

The fourth Ucide. Half-vampire, half-mage, Silver's sexual preferences are most of the reason for the Ucide family's reputation as deviants.

I changed nothing about him for the reboot.

Characters Who Don't Show Up

The aforementioned characters who don't show up.


Vexatio Ucide


The third Ucide. Smack dab in the middle, Vexatio was originally supposed to provide a bit of friction. He was a very angry dude.

In the reboot, he's more timid. His gimmick is that he's scared of the rest of his family's personalities.


Nezumi Ucide


The fifth and youngest Ucide. She takes after Castel in her deadpan-ness, but she's a lot less proper and a lot more eerie.

Her personality didn't change that much, but her name and species did. She's now named Miros and is a werelemur.