about :)

much like everything on this site, this is a work in progress

as you might expect, i go by sherm around these parts. that's not my real name but i don't like giving out my real name on the internet. stay safe kids

the thing you gotta know about me is that i'm super self-absorbed. i like myself a lot and would talk about myself for ages if i could. so i'm gonna try and keep this as brief as possible.



any pronouns ~ 20 (years old) ~ i drew that in like an hour on a whim and it is in fact what i look like in real life

likes: burgers, emoticons, dr. pepper, MY BESTIES!!, all types of creatures, the android skunk emoji, chocolate, 2010s pop, the act of creation but like in a dumb way

Sherm loves the Android skunk emoji

DISlikes: bitter foods, water softeners, sudden noises, the way chimps look, music where the guy is yelling and it sounds like they're angry at me

I'm like Brian Griffin but nonbinary

i genuinely do not know if i should fix that. it is SO funny the way it is right now.

the jackass running things

Sherm reads Sherm News

name: sherm

height: 5'6"

color: like a light purple blue