welcome :D
Sherm welcomes you

hello my name is sherm and welcome to my site!!

as you will notice, everything is still MASSIVELY under construction as i learn html/css, so please excuse how janky everything looks :')

i mostly made this site as a way to organize my character/worldbuilding/story stuff!! but i also plan to add an about me section and one single shrine because i only have one single interest (that's a joke)

this site will contain a lot of swearing so if you're not okay with that then you probably won't be able to look at any other page on this site, i'm sorry :(

thanks for dropping by B)

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a button, if ye'd like it

Hand petting Mavil
the most important image on my computer.

to do list:


started teaching myself javascript. you can track my endeavors here.

for more updates you can go here :)