the update corner

this is the place i keep all my updates. i have a blast over here, i'll tell you what.

a lot of the time i won't catalogue minor updates, so sometimes things will change and the update corner will not. just to keep things slightly less bulky over here yknow

okay well i didn't make the homepage better, per se, but the cursor is now an amongus. so that makes me very happy and extremely at peace, i think.
also did some formatting, put everything in divs, moved stuff around. now it looks a little less default html-y.
made a new page entitled "picrew" to keep picrews. hopefully when i make actual oc pages i can just put their picrews in there. also updated csstut so i have a link to the image sprite tutorial.
managed to ruin the layout of the main page. marching on regardless. godspeed
added the most important image on my computer to the site. i don't really know why i did that but. you know, now he's here.
also did something that completely broke everything, but somehow managed to reverse it. yay.
also after a lot of futzing, figured out how to make sticky columns!! now they are sticky :) all covered in gunk and whatnot
made a new page to mess around with flex items. copy-pasted the code directly off the w3 schools site so i may be committing plagiarism. i apologize if this is the case.
deleted my flex container page because i didn't care about it, sorry flex container page.
also went through and made everything more-or-less mobile-friendly 👍
also also made an entirely new page for fonts, to replace my old flex container page
made links look a little prettier
also learned that i should probably stop editing stuff in the neocities editor itself because it likes to delete stuff you just did such as the fucking links you just styled
actually added an update corner. i know right. now it's an actual thing instead of a long list on my home page.
changed getting foolish with fonts so that it matches the rest of the site
also tried to figure out a layout for navigation. probably won't keep it
changed site colors and header, goodbye pink :( i'll miss you
it's only 4/23 on a technicality, since it's like 12:14. it's still the 22nd in my heart.
anyways added a page for some of my ocs
created a button for the site!!
also made a few changes to the update corner regarding layout and information
tried to figure out an about page! now i can link something in the navigation, finally
added some stuff to the about page, including an image that really speaks to me as a person
added a links page! to keep fun links
replaced a few placeholders in the about page and the links page.
added my flight rising lair to the links page.
added more links. to links.
started teaching myself javascript. you can track my endeavors here.


you made it
there will be an image here eventially just trust me