links :3

here you will find links to cool sites on neocities :D as well as non-neocities sites i use quite frequently...

other sick neocities sites!!!!!!

Oaakys World Cinnamuff Koinuko OC Art Swap Zelkova Bun! Go! Skykristal's Hidden World Raylin Shire shishka No Follow Dokodemo squidknees Legends of Empyria Pleurodelinae Easy USSR Dreamyverse Adilene Starbage Paper Kingdoms Nightmare Fantasmic Leirin's Fluorescent Zone You've Got Kat

other cool sites whose buttons i could not find:

symbols guild
Okite Shinji-kun!
My Little Brother Finally Got A Face
The Insidious Bogleech


yeah i have tumblr. this is my personal and my art blog. i put most of my art on there so. if you wanna see other stuff from me, you can.

i got into flight rising again

check out my dragons.
light green dragon with black-and-red outfit

this gal is my favorite right now

other sites

other miscellaneous sites that i use frequently for a variety of reasons.

tapas ~ i read two (2) webcomics on here.
twisted wonderland wiki ~ my go-to whenever i need to a) cheat in the game or b) get reference because i'm drawing one of the characters. what is twisted wonderland, you might ask? well. that's a great question. there's an explanation on the wiki, but honestly i don't know if it does justice to the absurdity of this piece of media. ~ i use random number generators a lot. this is my favorite. it has coin flippers, dice rollers, everything you might need.
wheel of names ~ if i need to randomly pick a character for whatever reason, i'll use this instead of it's funner.
google fonts ~ BOO GOOGLE but also it does have a lot of nice fonts so -_-
rat cage calculator ~ you need to know how much space you'll need before getting rats. which i know you really really want to do, so you should check out this rat cage size calculator.


Sherm seal of approval

except for maybe tumblr, i don't necessarily approve tumblr