Welcome to Getting Foolish with Fonts!

A place to get foolish with fonts, as the title suggests. Sometimes you need an entire page on your website to experiment with fonts, and that is what I have here.

Do I really need an introduction to this? Not really. But I want to know which fonts look good together and which I should use, and all that.

Our default font is Verdana because that's my favorite default font and personally, I don't understand why Times New Roman is the most-used font in literature when it should be something cool like Verdana. I'm sure there's a huge history to it, and I'm probably overlooking a lot of super important meaningful aspects of Times New Roman, but in the nicest way possible, I don't really want to research that stuff.


I am not a fontsetter, or anything like that. So if I talk about something and I don't use the correct terminology, I apologize deeply to the fontsetters, who will probably be kind of peeved when they see my ignorance.

Oh also every font's title is a link to its page.


This seems to be a fun font. It's got curly Ys, which I always appreciate. I cannot tell if it's too small to tell the difference between Verdana, or if my span didn't work, so let me go check on that real quick. Nope, I was right, it is indeed not working. Well what a pickle that is.

Alright it seems I will have to manually enter every font if I want to use it. So that's a tad annoying, but you know, that's okay. Sometimes that's just how it is.

Ranking: 6/10. A pretty alright font for headings; not so much for actual content.

Fredoka One

Ooh chunky. I do enjoy some chunk sometimes. I think this is another one that'll work better for headings instead of actual content; a lot of the time, you don't want super chunky letters. They look a bit cluttered for my taste.

I love music. This is a bold take, I know, but I am listening to music at the moment, and I feel the need to profess my appreciation. If not for music, I would be much more bored than I already am.

I got a tattoo yesterday and it feels kind of weird, because it's on my wrist, which rests right on the edge of my laptop when I type. So my beloved machine is pressing into a patch of skin that just had an ink-covered needle jabbed into it repeatedly. That is a complex sentence, I can't imagine it'll be super easy to read. But will I fix it? No. My website my unwieldy sentences.

Ranking: 7/10. Another header font, but funner than Anybody (sorry Anybody)

Special Elite

I will be perfectly honest with you. I do not see what is Special or Elite about this one. It's a cool look, of course, but I would have named it like. Cool Grit or something. That fits the general vibe better, I think.

I got some water from the sink instead of the fridge and I must say, it has a distinctly different flavor. It reminds me just barely of the water in Lake Havasu, which I know had a lot of stuff in it. I can't remember what the stuff is called right now. But I know it had stuff. I did not enjoy myself in Lake Havasu.

Ranking: 5/10. I don't know what it is about this one. Just not my style, I suppose.

Stint Ultra Condensed

This stint is ultra condensed. Not just a little condensed. Not even a good amount of condensed. Ultra condensed. I'm just teasing, it's a cute little font, I just think the word "ultra" is funny in any context.

Here's a fun fact about Stint Ultra Condensed: it needs a 29px font size, whereas everyone else could get away with a 20px font size. The Ultra title is deserved, this is a teeny tiny little fontlet. "Fontlet" is like manlet, but for fonts. Perhaps it has another meaning, but in my heart, this is its definition.

Okay after this one I am eating dinner.

Ranking: 6/10. Didn't like it that much at first, since it was so small, but if you size it up it's kind of fun. Needs a bit more space between the letters, though. i know you can achieve that with css or something i just don't want to configure all kinds of stuff for one font

Londrina Solid

This one reminds me of the Teen Titans Go! font, which isn't a bad thing. I enjoyed Teen Titans Go! as a child. My bestie is telling me that my typing sounds are interesting and that my mic cuts out. Now she's telling me she's going to beat me with a fucking stick (verbatim) (as a joke).

My dog entered my room EXTREMELY RUDELY and is now sleeping on my bed like he owns the place. What the heck. He is very cute though. Like a little goat. My bestie is telling me I look like a goat, in a bad way. The way she speaks to me, you would think she dislikes me, but no, she's my bestie. She's legally obligated to like me.

Ranking: 8/10. I really like this one.


This is the font Dreamyverse uses, I think. I think I like it, or at least I liked the bold version that they had on their website. Man I wanna make cool websites. My bestie made fun of me for using millions of paragraphs in my HTML. But you know what I said to her? Give me paragraphs or give me death, I said.

I took my dog's collar off and now he is sleeping peacefully. He is a little baby. At least for now. He ate tissue paper earlier, so that wasn't very babylike of him. But he's cute when he sleeps.

Ranking: 9/10. A very nice-looking clean solid font.

Roboto Slab

This is a serif. I haven't had any serifs among my fonts so far. Tbh I don't usually like serifs, I don't know why. I used Georgia for a while as my default writing font, but then I saw a tote bag that said "If it's not in Helvetica Neue, then I won't read it", and that really spoke to me for some reason, so I switched over to Helvetica.

My dog's eyes are open. Sometimes he has very big eyes. I don't know why he's looking at me.

Rating: 7/10. Pretty good for a serif. I like how it's a bit curved.


This one is very fun. Another super clean sans serif. I guess it's not like very fun, it's more basic than anything, but you need those basic fonts more than you need the fun fonts, I would argue. Also I like that it's named Karla. It's like a little person.

I had like a metric ton of caffeine and I am absolutely pumped, dude. I think I'm typing this at like 30 miles per hour, it's insane. I have so many ideas and thoughts and concepts just jet-planing through my head like some kind of jet plane. I want to draw. I am going to draw after this.

Ranking: 8/10. I like really enjoy this one. Maybe it's the caffeine. Or maybe it's just my appreciation of sans serifs.


Another sans serif!! I think it might be kinda similar to Karla, only this one has a much funnier name. I guess it could also be a person's name, if the person's parents wanted them to be bullied throughout grade school.

You know, I thought we were going out today, so I got all ready and put on nicer clothes and made myself presentable and everything, but then we never did. So now I'm just sitting here on my puter in a semi-nice hoodie and typing away. I mean. I guess this hoodie makes me feel slightly nicer than the other one I had on, so maybe that makes it worth it. My tattoo still feels strange.

Ranking: 9/10. Bumped Karla's rating down because I like this one better. It's more similar to Helvetica, which is like my gold standard of fonts.

IBM Plex Sans

Here we go. This is kind of a plain Jane, in terms of fonts, but I thought it looked cute enough when I first saw it. It is pretty cute. The name reads as a little pretentious to me. Like, what, you couldn't include whatever it was "IBM" is supposed to stand for? Worried your font title will be too long? Cowards.

Okay well. I looked up what IBM was supposed to stand for. I was lead to THE most pretentious ugly designer's website I've ever seen (sorry Mike Abbink), and that didn't help, so I went to the actual company's website to see if I could figure it out from there, and I could not. So my next step was to call them, but unfortunately they only operate 7a.m.-7p.m. Also they're one of those big tech companies that basically do everything so I don't feel that bad about calling them and disrupting their work hours.

OKAY. I called them and it stands for INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES. They could not have a more evil name if they TRIED. But the man who answered the phone seemed very nice, I have no vitriol towards him.


Ranking: 6/10. Docked one point for pretention and one point for being evil.


I love fonts like this and I don't really know why. They just look so cool. Like there's just something about them. This one's a bit tiny in comparison to the other fonts of its pixel size but I like it regardless. It makes up for its smallness by being kind of future-looking and neat. Might be a good font for Body mayhaps?

You know Jacksfilms got funnier ever since he started doing blind yiays. Yeah that's right I'm talking about my interests now. But like I'm in my monthly "everything is a lot funnier than normal" phase and you know... I just think he's a lot better at improv than he is at scripting. So I'm real happy for him. He deserves his following I think. I'm glad he's able to make a living off his comedy.

Ranking: 7/10. I actually like the bold font better than the normal font. But both are pretty good.


Now this is how you name a font. Bitter. That's a font name I can get behind. Take notes, IBM Plex Sans, this one sounds cool as fuck and evil in the radical hell-yes way, not a corporation way. My computer is freaking out for absolutely no reason.

Girl I did my entire final paper yesterday and I'm pretty sure I'll get a good grade on it. That is a relief. I'm done with my class now! Now all I need to do is sign up for summer classes. And walk the dogs. And weed the front yard. But those are all easy tasks. It's smooth sailing from here on out, I'll tell you what.

Rating: 8/10. I like this font a lot. Surprising, for a serif, but life is full of surprises.

Yanone Kaffeesatz

I also like the name of this font. I think Yanone is the name of the person who designed it. Apparently, it's very very popular all over the world. I think it's a very nice font. It's a bit small in 19px but I don't necessarily need to have all my fonts at 19px. Also maybe I should start using em. Actually I might already be using 19em. I forget what my style sheet looks like.

I took my laptop downstairs so I could spend time with my family. They are watching Moonrise Kingdom, which is one of my least favorite Wes Anderson movies. I don't like it very much. My dad said I was more interactive at dinner, so perhaps the treatment is working. 👍

Ranking: 7/10. A good font. 👍

M PLUS Rounded 1c

Another LOSERLY named font. Even more boring than IBM Plex Sans. At least IBM Plex Sans stands for International Business Machines Plex Sans. M PLUS stands for multilingual multiweight multistyle. Like call it M3, at least, M "PLUS" is boring.

Anyways I don't mean to be an asshole. M PLUS is at least a lot less evil and a lot more noble, as a concept, than IBM Plex Sans, in my opinion. I appreciate that they're trying to make it multilingual and all that. And the fact that it says "completely free" on their website is also very nice.

I want to be done with this movie girl I want to call my bestie.

Ranking: 9/10. Despite my complaints about the name, I do like how widely-spaced the letters are, as well as the thickness variety in the letters' lines.

Varela Round

Varela Round seems a bit "company"-esque, if you catch my drift. Like this is the kind of font a corporation would use to advertise their wares. It's a "safe" font I guess. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think I like the guts it has to only have one font style. Like it only needs one style, doesn't have to provide you with others.

So I cried uncontrollably at an 8-bit cover of the Twisted Wonderland theme today. I'm withdrawing from a medication (that I TAPERED off) so my emotions are on the fritz. Normally I would never cry at that. I also would never cry at my mom saying she couldn't get me Hot Pockets, but you know what they say.

Ranking: 7/10. I like it in a normal way.

Lilita One

Another font with only one style. It makes sense for this one, it's definitely supposed to be more of a header than something you type in. But I think it would be kind of funny if this was like, a default font on a website. Like this is just the font they use. Most people use a serif or a sans serif, but Lilita McGee over here is using something that sounds suspiciously like Lolita.

Lolita is one of those things that just follows me around. Like, I'll be doing research on a completely separate thing, and somehow Lolita (the book) will be related to it. There's a few things that fall into a similar category. Keifer Sutherland comes tomind. I always want to call him Keith Sutherland but that's not his name. But like, people in my life would just keep mentioning Kiefer Sutherland, or projects involving him, or else creators whose work I enjoyed would mention projects involving him. Twisted Wonderland used to be a similar thing. It is not anymore. I now actively seek out Twisted Wonderland content.

Ranking: 5/10. Originally thought it looked cute, but now I'm not a huge fan. Maybe it would look better with a darker font.

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